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The Schapendoes as a family dog

We like to tell you what we know about the schapendoes and why we fell in love with the breed. In short, what you can and can't expect of the breed.





Character, Behavior and Appearance.

The schapendoes is a cheerful, active, friendly family dog that learns easily and gets along well with children and other dogs and pets. He has a long and disheveled coat and stands between 40 and 50 cm. (15 and 20 inches) tall, and weighs between 12 and 18 kg. (26 and 40 pounds). All colors are permitted.

Nothing will please an schapendoes more, than to be out and about with his owner. He will particularly enjoy accompanying you on walks, bike rides, visits to friends or attending obedience or agility training. But he is equally comfortable at your feet in front of the television. He can easily be left home alone, if he is accustomed to it. 

The schapendoes considers children to be his friends, as long as they don't treat him like a toy, and parents are sensible. Of course any dog may defend himself with a nip or a bite, if he is hurt or mistreated by a child. He also gets along very well with other pets.

Dauphin Fashra eig.C Roux (FR)


Naischa Vienna eig. fam.Visser (NL)


By nature, the schapendoes is not a dominating dog and will not seek a fight, but will not allow him to be picked on either. There are times, when the schapendoes can be quite stubborn and may pretend not to hear your request. Taking a tough stand with training does not work well. Since he is eager to please, a playful and positive approach, along with praise and affection is much more effective in getting results.

The schapendoes should have a natural ungroomed appearance, yet its coat does require a fair amount of regular grooming. A good combing through every two weeks, usually keeps the coat in good condition. If this is not kept up, the coat will develop mats and you may need to resort to scissors. 

In short, the schapendoes is a very nice family dog, who needs a consistent upbringing like every dog, and what will be your friend for ever, if you don't let him fool you with his crazy behavior once and a while. 




Male or Female?

There is not much difference between the male and female schapendoes. In general, the male is somewhat larger, however one of our females is just as big as our males. Males are usually between 46 and 50 cm. (18 -20 inches), and the females are usually between 44 and 48 cm. (17-19 inches). The females are absolutely not more friendly or easier than the males. 



The males are usually more "even" tempered, because they don't have problems with hormones. They may show some macho behavior with a big mouth and somewhat rash and impulsive behavior, but can also be affectionate and ready to please. In appearance they are often more imposing with a longer and fuller coat.


Multi Kampioen Chico Asti v.h.Haskerhūs
Male: Chico Asti v.h.Haskerhūs



 Kampioen Jutha Beitske v.h.Haskerhūs
Female: Jutha Beitske v.h.Haskerhūs

The female is somewhat fickle, because of hormonal fluctuations. On average, she will be in heat every nine months, at which time you will notice a difference in her behavior. For example, before going into heat she may be listless, spiritless and cranky. After her heat, she may experience a false pregnancy.

The female is usually also of a smaller and lighter build.




The Puppy!

A puppy is of course adorable, lovable and impressionable. To raise a puppy properly, is very time consuming. They need patience, experience and consistent behavior from you. If it is your first dog, you will surely want some help. That is why, we advise everyone that takes a puppy, to enroll in puppy kindergarten or an obedience class. The first year there is so much to learn for the puppy and owner, that even the most well intentioned new owner can make mistakes.


C-nest  Elke (± 4 wk.)


Onno Caydine (± 9 wk.)eig.v.d Wal (NL)

When you have a puppy, you have a "baby" dog in your home, that needs a lot of attention and rest (particularly in a home with children). The pup will need to eat 3-4 times a day, need to be housebroken, and won't be able to stay home alone for long periods of time. An owner working full time for the first few months, is very difficult for a puppy. Even working part time, is not advised for the first few weeks, unless you have someone else at home caring for the dog. 




Schapendoes, the Dog for You?

Do you like to be active? Do you like to walk your dog for an hour a day, even in bad weather? Do you mind, if your house resembles the woods, after you walk your dog? An schapendoes can pick up a lot of debris in its coat, which you may find about the house. Do you also mind, if your dog looks like a mop after a walk? Can you find about an hour and a half, every two weeks, to thoroughly groom your dog? Have you thought about the fact, that when an schapendoes sheds, you may find clumps of hair throughout the house? And how would you do, with a dog that might be a little stubborn from time to time? If you can keep your sense of humor, despite all of these issues, then you will find an schapendoes to be a playful, cheerful, and affectionate companion and friend for life


Xina Xenta Lana eig.M Scheffer (NL)


Akeem Naomi

Dries Fashra  eig.fam.Turndorf (USA)

Toef Erie eig. fam. Wagenaar (NL)


We have numerous schapendoes, both male and female, and a few times a year, we have puppy's available, bred from dogs from champion lines. All of our dogs are free of PRA and cataract and tested for gDNA PRA. If you are interested, please call or mail us to arrange for a visit. You are always welcome. 



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