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Peter en Janny Wierda     Erica (Dr)

Myckos Asti v.h.Haskerhūs
Dutch Champion
International Champion
VDH Champion
Luxemburg Champion
French Champion
Winner '97-'98
Bundes Sieger '97-'98-'99
Belgian Winner '98
Brussel Winner '99
 World Champion O'Porto '01
Best dutch Race Topdog competitie '98
Best own breed, group 1 Topdog competitie '98

 PRA and Cataract free
gPRA aa
H.D. A

23-05-1996  U 28-11-2008



Myckos Dortmund

Asperen, links Janny met Jutha en Mąlou en rechts Peter met Naomi en Myckos

Myckos Winner



Myckos Goes

Myckos Dortmund

Myckos O'Porto Portugal
Myckos is the most winning Schapendoes ever, all over the world


In Memoriam

Myckos Asti v.h.Haskerhūs

Myckos had a big stroke 27 November, it was this bad that we had to decided to let him go on 28 November.

We are grateful for the 12,5 wonderful years with him, he had a big influents in the breed and our breeding in particular.

He has won more then 40 CAC/CACIB  all over Europe and most of the time he was BOB to.

He is still living in all of his more then 150 children, his last litter was when he was 11 years old, very good for a male of his age.

At our home we see him in his children Akeem and Lana, his grandchildren Quinta and Raqui and his grand-grand children Willow, Anjou Chica and Elfi
And if you look at them, you see Myckos, no other male has such a big success with his offspring.


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